Surface Coatings


Speciality Pigments for Inks

High performance organic pigment powders and preparations for use in paints, surface coatings, inks, master batch, plastics, rubber, textiles and paper.

The below mentioned products are fully REACH registered, but this is not the exclusive range, feel free to get in touch with the team for more details.

Product Name

Chemical Name

CAS Number

Acrolite Fast Violet EXBN

Pigment Violet 23


Acrolite Fast Yellow MDI

Pigment Yellow 83


Acrolite FastRed BBY

Pigment Red 112


Acrolite HP Pink PE

Pigment Red 122


Acrolite Fast Orange MRA

Pigment Orange 34


Acrolite HP Red 193

Pigment Violet 19


For more information on how we can help supply these Speciality Pigments for Inks, email the team