Surface Coatings


Textile Chemical Concentrates & Raw Materials

Offering a comprehensive range for processing of textiles from fiber through to speciality finishing. A range of raw materials and concentrated products for simple formulation and dilution supporting pre-treatment, dyeing, printing and finishing.

Products are designed to give added value and enhanced properties for the finished articles, namely, apparel, home textile, carpets, technical textile and non-wovens and automotive fabrics.

Product Name

Chemical Name


Castle lube ECO pdr

Polyacrylamide powder

Dyebath lubricant diluted to 2-3%

Castle Fix FF50

50% active dicyandiamide

Reactive/direct dye fixative. Ideal for difficult shades, deep reds and turquoise.

Castle Fix PA50

50% active polyamine

Economic reactive/direct dye fixative.

Castle lube ACA100FA

Phosphate ester, 100% free acid

Dyebath lubricant, fibre/fibre & fibre/metal with oil emulsifying property for scour/dye process

Castle lube ACA

Phosphate ester neutralised

Dyebath lubricant, fibre/fibre & fibre/metal with oil emulsifying property for scour/dye process

Castle fix BFL

Phenolic polymer

Polyamide dye fixing and blocking agent


Castle HPP

Polyester derivative

Durable Hydrophilic, soil release agent for polyester


Castle HPA

Polyamide derivative

Durable hydrophilic, soil release agent for polyamide


Anchoid PC100

Naphthalene sulphonate polymer

Concentrated Dispersing agent for dyestuffs and dyebaths


Castle AF30

30% Silicone

Highly performing defoamer, dilutable with water.


Castle scour PE100A

100% free acid phos ester

Detergent/wetting agent for local dilution


Castle scour D-DLS

Green solvent/surfactant blend

Detergent/scouring agent, very low foaming


Castle PLA


Levelling agent for dyeing polyester


Castle RWOC

Synergistic blend

Base for manufacture of alkali soaping system


Castle SAM


Antimigrant concentrate for continuous dyeing


Anchoid AD50A

Sodium polyacrylate 50% acid form.

Concentrated dispersing/sequestering agent for local formulation



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