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Our Story - The Ongoing History of Castle Chemicals

Castle Chemicals Ltd started when Jeffrey Muff, Alan McCann and John Wood joined forces. Alan and John were partners in a long established logistics company. 

It just made sound, good sense with the logistical International set-up and skill sets and Jeff’s experience and background in the chemical industry to launch the now, 20 years in, a successful global company as it is today.

Our first budget of £1.2m with the bank comprised of 80% UK business with a small operation, no manufacture, working with distributorships and our branded products. 

Whereas now the turnover is £24m due to resources changing and the demand for certain resources altered over 5/6 years ago.

We then developed the increased support for Multinational manufacturing companies throughout Europe. In South-East Asian we have created sales for the use in Latex for surgical and examination gloves. 

This was mainly due to the development of AIDS and HIV, which created a high demand globally for everyday use in the medical industry.

20th Anniversary Logo

Castle adds value, why?

We diversified and continue to develop with Asia, Europe and North America.

We are always looking to meet and develop business relationships/partnerships with new customers, suppliers and distributors directly or via agents/distributors using our existing branded products.

Our services/customer relations/logistical set-up, ensures customers are able to smoothly run their manufacturing businesses.

Castle adds value, why? We are a knowledgeable, small business determined to continue our growth on a global level, with our own branded products, and as a supply partner for principals wishing to expand their business in Europe.

Our sales and marketing ethos encourages potential supply partners to work with us using our logistical and technical support services and experience.

With a transparent reporting service, we are able maximise the support and abilities of any supply partner. 

Our company’s margins and profit expectations are not as high as those of our competitors which enables us to be able to give very competitive services. 

In a mature market with technical expertise and experience. We have very few complaints as we give a personal service and are able to adapt and react quickly. 

Customers are confident that they have the security of ‘no hassle’, with annual contracts agreed and we trade in the same currencies and deal with import taxes etc. which makes business run smoothly. 

We are accredited with Ecovadis CSR, ISO 9001:2015 and are REACH compliant, where we have been recognised and provided evidence to clarify our level of professionalism, ethics and business standards. 

We are very proud of these achievements and they are crucial in our business, ensuring quality and reassurance. 

Our suppliers also have these accreditation’s to reassure new businesses that we work with the right companies and quality products.

We work with suppliers to distribute their products.
Customers to distribute into Europe.
Customers/agents/distributors of our Branded products.

Overall, in the past 20 years, chemicals have developed, businesses have evolved and countries have changed with politics, technology, people and world economics.

Castle Chemicals is ‘helping to safeguard our environment for future generations’. Make the world a safer, healthier place to be, ensuring the medical industry is efficient and effective in reducing the spread of disease and harmful bacteria.

Automobiles have changed the world over and the manufacturing requirements and safety has also improved.

The whole world has become a smaller village with the development of the internet, technology and ease of communication etc.

What will happen in the next 20 years…. where will we all be and how will business be evolving and developing?

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Malaysian Rubber Glove Manufacturers Association

We are proud to be an Associate member of the MARGMA at Castle Chemicals Ltd.

The Malaysian Rubber Glove Manufacturers Association (MARGMA) was established on 28 June 1989 as a non-profit industry association that extends a range of services to members comprising Malaysian rubber glove manufacturers and associated suppliers and supporting organizations.

MARGMA provides a common platform for discussion and exchange of views aimed at furthering the commercial objectives of its members and promoting a solid trade fraternity amongst them. Since its inception, MARGMA has been the official voice and advocate for the rubber glove industry in Malaysia, having collaborated closely with key Malaysian government agencies and related ASEAN trade associations to promote and protect the interests of its members and the industry. MARGMA also assists its members in addressing domestic and international issues related to their businesses and the industry. MARGMA is administered by a panel of elected Management Committee and is supported by the Secretariat in its day-to-day operations.

Ordinary Members comprise bona fide rubber glove manufacturers in Malaysia. Associate Members comprise companies associated with the rubber glove manufacturing industry.

Mission Statement

It is the stated policy and objective of Castle Chemicals to offer performance additives that will successfully support their customers’ product needs, by providing added value to their business.

Quality in manufacture and in the distribution phase of the business ensures their product portfolio fulfils customer requirements in an environmentally and ethically responsible manner.

The company is dedicated to its core business of performance additives to the rubber and latex industry through their team of industrial experts and investment in people.

Also serving a diverse range of industries including additives for paints and coatings, textiles and adhesives.