Training, Training, Training!

Training and appreciating our staff!

Training! Training! Training! October and November we are all doing lots of lovely updating training and communication training for business with the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce and Chemical Business Association.

GM Chamber International Trade Forum | September 2019. - Our Directors recently attended a training course held by the GMCC. Thank you for all your support from the GMCC.

The Forum was kindly sponsored by our Strategic Partners A&B insurance which provides members with preferential Cargo Insurance through the Cover my Cargo platform. Cover My Cargo provides members with instant and high-quality cargo cover for goods owners and logistics providers that ship both domestically and globally, at incredibly competitive premiums.

Getting ahead of the game!

Export Documentation Training Course at Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce - 8th October.

Chemical Business Association - CLP Classification 2 day workshop - Hazard communication - October.

Chemical Business Association - Import/Export Brexit & Beyond - Business issues workshop - November.

Chemical Business Association - EU REACH Refresher and UK REACH update - Reach seminar - November.

Looking forward to getting everyone's feedback and updates.


Training! Training! Training!

We are investing in our people, value our staff and are always trying to keep up to date, plan ahead and move forward.

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