GRTE 2020 的新日期

全球橡胶乳胶和轮胎博览会 - 泰国曼谷。我们很高兴地宣布,全球橡胶乳胶和轮胎博览会已经提出了新的日期,[14:04] Michael Beardsell GRTE 展览,由于法规和旅行者的原因,组织者团队决定将日期推迟到 2023 年 3 月 29 日至 31 日来自政府的限制。



新任命 – 销售和营销总监 Michael Start 现在是我们新的销售和营销总监。他在今年年初加入了团队,我认为他当时在欧洲进行了一次商务旅行,然后进入了英国的 Lockdown。在此期间,他已成为 […]

Castle 荣获 2020 年 Ecovadis 银奖


很高兴获得 Ecovadis 银奖我们很高兴获得 2020 年 Ecovadis 银奖。多年来,我们不断维护和改进我们的标准,确保我们始终合规,在这些时候甚至更加重要。什么是Ecovadis?企业社会责任——企业社会责任供应链可持续性的价值环境、社会和 [...]

很高兴欢迎 Michael Start


We are delighted to welcome Michael Start into the team at Castle Chemicals Ltd. He will be joining us as the new Sales and Marketing Manager and will be bringing his skills and experience at add to this successful international chemical company. Mike has Over 25 years’ experience in Speciality Chemical, ranging from Base Chemicals, […]

2020 年中国新年


Castle Chemicals全体员工谨借此机会祝愿我们所有的同事和朋友在2020年白鼠年万事如意,身体健康。

玛格玛 2020

Margma 2022 We are delighted to start our preparations for 2020 rescheduled event, we are in the same place and stand no.W22. Nearer the time we will be making appointments and seeing who will be attending. If you are already preparing, please let us know. Associate Member at Marma The Malaysian Rubber Glove Manufacturers […]

化学商业协会 – 欣然批准

Delighted approval – Chemical Business Association We are delighted that Castle Chemicals has recently been formally approved and our application was successful to become members of the Chemical Business Association. The CBA quoted “delighted to welcome you as one of our new Distributor/Manufacturer members.” ‘The voice of the chemical supply chain CBA represents the UK […]

Cosmos Chemicals 最近访问英国 – 2019

Recent visit from Cosmos Chemicals in the UK We recently welcomed a visit from Marco Lin the Marketing Manager of our supply partner Cosmos Chemicals. The purpose of the visit was to support our sales promotion in the UK of their range of predispersions, and in particular their new generation of Eco-Friendly non-nitrosamine generating substances […]

Castle Chemicals 宣布新任董事长

Castle Chemicals Announces New Chairman – Bryan Davies Meet Our New Chairman We are delighted to announce Bryan Davies as our new Chairman as we seek to build on our global reach and reputation. You’ll find Castle Chemicals accelerators, synthetic rubbers, performance additives and more used by a vast range of industries in a growing […]