UK Distributor for TWC

Castle Chemicals and TWC working together in the UK

We have some new products to talk about in the UK for the tyre, rubber, textiles industries.

We are delighted to be working as the exclusive distributor for TWC produces in the UK. We have some of their products here on our site and a pdf brochure available on request from Mark Allan -

There are some extracts below to give an idea please get in touch to discuss the full range and your requirements.          link to products here also


TWC GROUP, a technology leader in speciality resins and bonding chemicals in the Indian sub-continent. Our plethora of offering comprises various products for Rubber Industry and Paint & Coatings Industry.

TWC GROUP offers complete range of Dry Bonding Chemicals (Resorcinol Dispersions, HMT Dispersions, HMMM Resin & its Dispersions and Resorcinol Resins), Resoricnol based Dipping Resins for Polyster & Nylon Fabric Dipping Resin, Cresolic Resin, Reinforcing Phenolic Resin, Tackifer Resin, Super Tackifier Resins, Micro Crystalline Waxes, Homegenising Agents, Modified DCPD Resin and auxiliaries for the Rubber Industry and Amino Resins for Paint & Coating Industry.
TWC Group always stands for prosperity and ultimate customer satisfaction.


TWC GROUP manages 4 state-of-the-art, ISO 9001:2015 Certified manufacturing facilities in the name of Techno Waxchem Pvt. Ltd. in Kolkata, East of India and Rajsha Chemicals Pvt. Ltd in Vadodara, West of India.

All the manufacturing units strictly adhere to the highest quality and strive to deliver the best to our customers. We believe in quality products, executed through the best supply logistics at a competitive price with minimum inventory cost to our customers.

Resins and Speciality Chemicals

We supply resins and speciality chemicals including Resorcinol bounding agents and their resins. Which are well known and proven adhesion promoter bonding chemical for steel cords and synthetic fibres to rubbers.

Another means of reducing the fuming of resorcinol under the rubber compounding processing conditions is to use resorcinol resins  in rubber compounds.

Please contact Castle Chemicals to discuss your requirements in the UK.

t: +(44) (0) 161 608 8800
f: +(44) (0) 161 608 1910

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Dispersants for Silica:process additives
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